Dear Santa,
It’s that time again. Your little elves are organizing all the bags, labeling the goodies by country to preparing for the biggest shipment of the year: Christmas.

For the most part, I’ve been a good girl.

At times, I’ve been a little impatient with some people, I’ve honked my horn at the slightest thing, and I’ve blocked phone numbers, email addresses, and smoke signals from people who get on my last nerve. Above all, I’ve been good. So with that, could you please deliver the following items and I’ll have fresh gluten free chocolate chip cookies and camel milk waiting for you.
1. Nikon D3200
This is truly just a want and not a must have unless you have a few extra around. My Canon PowerShot and iPhone 4S take amazing shots but this camera just looks the part. It has more megapixels that my Canon, so the pictures will be crisp and professional. Plus, it has a few lens that I can play with to help tickle my photography fancy.
2. 2014 Porsche Panamera
Here’s what I’m thinking. I can sell the SUV and get this. It can serve as my Christmas and birthday gift. It handles well, it’s sporty, it’s fast, and safe. You’ve been to the Middle East so you know that’s it’s important to have a car with speed and ultimate safety. Driving is challenging here and this will satisfy both safety and speed. Yes. Please park it in my spot because I don’t want to get a violation.
3. More Vacations
I can’t properly explain how exhausted I am. I had a few trips planned for our break but cancelled them all because I need to rest. I don’t feel like fighting with airport hoo haas and dragging bags to and fro, so Santa, please give me the energy to resume my vacations in January. January is my birth month, so off course, I’ll start with a quick getaway.
What’s on your Christmas list? 
Photo courtesy: Couldn’t be Parve, Snapsort, Homedsgn

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