Be a Better Blogger

Blogging Communities; Be a Better Blogger

Earlier this year, I began my blogging community series. Initially, I wanted to share strategies on how to make the most of blog communities and avoid the pitfalls that are there. Since then, I pinned another post about members of blogging communities that took a humorous stab on the dynamics found within them. Today's post comes to you about a...[ read more ]

Dubai Miracle Garden

Spring Time at Miracle Garden Dubai

Bringing in the season of spring at Miracle Garden Dubai was simply delightful. In the United Arab Emirates, we take full advantage of the cooler weather in winter and spring. The temps usually hover around mid 70s F to 80s. There's also a constant breeze and the sun is kind. So with the perfect setting, Habibti and I trotted off...[ read more ]

Blogging Communities

Blogging Communities: Meet the Neighbors

In my previous post about blogging communities, we chatted about the what and the "what nots". Today's post brings you the "haves and have nots". Because blogging communities are now all the rage, hip, and popular, the desire to be a part of several communities is the behavior of many bloggers. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, as we chatted before,...[ read more ]


Fairmont Singapore

Staying at the Fairmont Singapore was one of the biggest highlights of my time in Singapore. The comforts of room 1806 coupled with the finest customer service made the stay exceptional. I made my way to the Fairmont Singapore after a disaster at our AirBnB. As soon as I arrived, my weary spirit was soothed by the gracious management who...[ read more ]


Travel Tales | Woes of Group Travel

There they are, your vacations days, just waiting for you to use them. And there they are, your friends and colleagues, waiting on you to say go, to give them the green light to plan group travel. Before you say "yes" and surrender those vacation days, beware of the travel tales; woes of group travel. Now, I’m not saying these...[ read more ]


Pies & Coffee | Singapore

At home or on the road, getting my day started with a hearty breakfast is essential. Believe it, I am one cranky girl if I'm hungry. All types of grumpiness makes its way to the forefront; eye rolls, complaining, and tons of sighs. So, to avoid all of that, breakfast is #1, well after a shower of course. I wanted...[ read more ]