Smoking Doll

There’s something alluring about the Smoking Doll.

As a person who isn’t so keen on Asian foods, it was what I saw through the windows that had me intrigued about one of the newest restaurants in Boutik Mall.

Immediately upon entering, we were met with the most delightful aromas. We were stopped in our tracks by a rich sweet and spicy smell. The restaurant became more inviting as we viewed the complete layout. The fusion of modern touches with hints of Asian flair created the perfect aesthetic. The dark woods with pops of sienna was an excellent design element. I tipped around the restaurant a bit before we settled upon a dining area.

Once we sat down, I wanted to check out the appetizers. I’d had a long day, so a quick bite was needed.

Despite being the type of food that normally do not enjoy, I found that the menu had a variety of selections of interest. We selected the chicken & sweet corn dumplings and the Salt and Szechuan Pepper Squid for our appetizers. Yes, I am allergic to seafood, and calamari is usually a no-go, but umm, yeah…. I just looked at it.

I wanted a taste though.

So Habibti enjoyed his appetizer as well as a few bites of mine. The dumplings were extremely good. The sesame dipping sauce honed the flavors perfectly. Paired with a soup, I could have had the dumplings as a meal.

The appetizers were quite filling but we wanted to test a few other items on the menu. The couple next to us had a gorgeous and great smelling rice dish. I asked the server to bring that exact dish for us. It was the pineapple and chicken fried rice. We each ordered a meat dish as well. I had the black pepper beef and Habibti had the chicken and cashew nut stir fry.

We were in food heaven. Our main courses were just as flavorful as the appetizers. The pineapple chicken and fried rice is a absolute must. Not only was I pleasantly surprised that I found a few dishes to my liking, but I was deeply satisfied with the taste and presentation. All of the servers were attentive and well versed with the menu. I told them about my food allergies and they asked the chef to prepare dishes without those items.

Per some of the other patrons, the sushi is exceptional. Sushi lovers the menu is quite extensive.

Smoking Doll will be one of those restaurants that Habibti and I will frequent often. Our dining experience was truly memorable.



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