Coffee Talk – What are you up to?


Clutch your pearls!

Yes, it’s me.

Can you believe I’m penning a post after almost three weeks away?

Are you surprised, me too.

You know how it is around these parts. Sometimes the blogging world, well the blog, has to simmer down for a second and take a back seat to things. As the weather gets warmer in Abu Dhabi, my energy level goes down. Last week, we had several days with temperatures over the 100 mark with the highest being 113 and I just wasn’t here for any of that. Between working in the frigid air conditioning all day under ungodly florescent lights then stepping out into the humid lust, nope just nope.

Oh top of that, I’ve been enjoying a leisure stroll around social media as well as catching up on Reality TV.

Two of my favorite shows are Bravo’s Blood, Sweat, and Heels, and Oxygen’s Preachers of Detroit.

via Bravo

via Oxygen

Both shows are filled with just enough drama without being littered with “ratchetness” and low brow behavior. What I like about both shows is that they have an emphasis on professionalism and highlighting true achievements. Some of us suburban people can appreciate that over the twirls and nonsense of other shows.

Oh, and I’ve fallen in love with YouTube TV Series

and yeah, the entertainment reviewers and beauty gurus

Perhaps, just perhaps I will be back on schedule as soon as I finish redoing I’m finally ready to put all of my, well almost all of my ventures in one location.

I’ve missed y’all.

What have you been up to? 


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